Deadly Spirits

 A Mac McClellan Mystery

When PI Mac McClellan's girlfriend convinces him to join the Palmetto Paranormal Society, he becomes embroiled in a case of whooodunnit. The society president, while investigating an old hotel, is found dead at the foot of the stairwell, his neck broken. The man's secretary and current squeeze stands horrified beside his body. Authorities rule the death an accident. Mac has doubts--no one heard the man tumbling down the stairs. Then the secretary dies in an apparent suicide. Two deaths in two paranormal investigations, and not a peep out of either victim. Mac suspects there's more going on than a vengeful spirit. Book 4 in the Mac McClellan Mystery series, which began with Deadly Catch.

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 What Critics are Saying

"Deadly Spirits is a haunting mystery with an ingenious plot, vivid setting and memorable characters, chief among them the incomparable Mac McClellan, who is easily one of my favorite PIs out there. This latest installment will satisfy fans of the series while sending newcomers scrambling to catch up. If you like Robert Crais and Harlan Coben, you'll surely dig Deadly Spirits. I know I did. Highly recommended."


                                   --Max Everhart, SHAMUS AWARD Finalist, Split to Splinters--An Eli Sharpe Mystery

Helms scores again! Deadly Spirits seamlessly pulls PI Mac McClellan, and the reader, between the physical and the supernatural planes. The tough, retired Marine must overcome his skepticism to solve two present-day murders, and bring closure to a third from the past. This is a softer, more human, Mac than we’ve met before. One more willing to suspend his beliefs for sacrifices only the heart can make. You won’t put this book down until the last page."

                   --Kait Carson, author of The Hayden Kent Mystery Series, and The Catherine Swope Mysteries

"In Deadly Spirits, Helms blends the grit of old time Private Investigators with the laid back Southern Charm of Florida’s Panhandle and pours it all into every word, thought and action that makes Mac, well, MAC! Filled with wry humor, and characters that all smell pretty fishy to me, follow along as Mac does what he does best, noses around like a hound on the hunt for a hidden bone!"

                                                                                                                       --Dianne Bylo, Tome Tender Reviews